Friday, 9 November 2012

Better Safe Than Sorry

There have been some absolute horror stories in Forex trading over the years. A quick Google search for ‘Forex Scam’ will throw up close to 30 million hits.

Whilst 30 million is quite a significant number, it still pales in comparison to the amount of money lost by Forex traders dealing with dodgy companies.

Suddenly and without warning, traders have found themselves losing some or all of their invested money due to company mismanagement, corruption of funds or just general bad practice. In the end, the unfortunate traders often find that their funds have been swallowed up by creditors and they are left with little or nothing.

But thanks to FXPRIMUS the industry is slowing changing. In an industry first, FXPRIMUS offers an institutional hedge fund style of protection to its retail clients. Here is the first way that FXPRIMUS protects you like no other brokerage: An independent third party administers all segregated customer accounts.

The administrator is TURNSTONE GROUP, who manage over USD1 billion in funds from offices located worldwide. FXPRIMUS is the first retail brokerage in the world to contract such an independent third party fund administrator to monitor the flow of client funds.

TURNSTONE also act as signatories to all client segregated accounts and any funds leaving the client segregated account must first be approved by them. Although this is service is offered at great expense to FXPRIMUS, it does back up the broker’s promise of being ‘The Safest Place to Trade’ – and by quite some way! This level of fund protection is one that NO OTHER Forex brokerage offers.

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